Full-Service Landscaping Company in Albuquerque

To get a beautiful yet hassle-free yard, every Albuquerque homeowner should ask two questions:

  1. Should I get landscaping service?
  2. Who should I choose for my landscaping service?

At Narrow Leaf, Inc., we believe every homeowner should enjoy their outdoor space, and that often means leaving lawn care and landscaping maintenance to the professionals. And we are the company that provides the services you need to keep your yard looking beautiful.

Why Hire a Professional Landscaping Company?

It is tempting to think that if you own a lawn mower or your yard is xeriscaped that you can handle landscaping maintenance on your own. But professionals offer valuable services you may not think about, such as:

Plus, if you ever want to change the look and/or function of your outdoor space, you know who to call.

Why Hire Narrow Leaf, Inc.?

Narrow Leaf, Inc. provides comprehensive landscaping services, including:

Of course, we also provide regular lawn care and xeriscaping maintenance as well.

Narrow Leaf, Inc. is fully licensed and insured, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact us to inquire about residential or commercial landscaping services today.

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