Retaining Wall Design and Construction

photo retaining Retaining Wall Design and Construction
A retaining wall is a stabilizing structure designed to prevent erosion by supporting and redistributing the lateral pressure caused by sloping land. Sometimes, however, retaining wall construction emerges from a property owner’s desire for an attractive garden wall that serves primarily a decorative purpose. Our landscaping contractors have the skills and experience necessary to design an attractive and stable wall for whatever your landscape application.

We Custom Design Retaining Walls

Retaining walls must be carefully designed to ensure that the stabilizing structure will withstand the lateral pressure of sloping land. At Narrow Leaf, Inc., our contractors have over 20 years of experience designing and installing retaining walls and will provide you with a functional and attractive wall that meets your needs. Whether you would like a simple block retaining wall to hold back sloping land or you desire a terraced retaining wall to make a statement in your landscape, we will provide you with innovative retaining wall design.

We Construct Stable, Quality Retaining Walls

Much care and precision must go into constructing a retaining wall since the sloping earth will exert pressure that can push the wall forward or overturn it if it is not properly designed and installed. At Narrow Leaf, Inc., we take care that our retaining walls are structurally sound and stable enough to withhold the earth’s pressure. If you are thinking of installing a retaining wall that complements your existing landscape design, we can construct retaining walls from railroad ties, green treated timbers, cinder blocks (with or without veneer), stack blocks, stone, or concrete to give your wall the look you want. Whatever materials you would like incorporated into your design, we will provide you with a wall that best addresses the requirements of your space, meets your landscaping goals and fits within your budget.

Contact Our Experienced Contractors

At Narrow Leaf, Inc., our fully licensed and insured landscaping contractors have over 20 years of experience designing and constructing retaining walls and we are fully knowledgeable of the unique physics of retaining wall design. Our knowledgeable and experienced landscape contractors will advise you on the best type of retaining wall for your purposes to ensure that you use the appropriate method to prevent the erosion of your landscape. Let our landscaping contractors help you fulfill your goals for your landscape! Contact us for stabilizing retaining wall design and construction to protect your landscape today!

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