Xeriscape Landscape Design

photo xeri Xeriscape Landscape DesignSince living in the Southwest carries with it a certain responsibility to conserve water resources, Southwest landscape designs often incorporate drought-tolerant plants and decorative gravel to minimize water waste and improve energy-efficiency. In fact, water conservation is so important that the City of Albuquerque offers a xeric rebate as an incentive to convert your traditional landscape over to a xeriscape landscape design. At Narrow Leaf, Inc., we provide custom xeriscape designs for home and business owners that would like budget-friendly landscaping options that minimize their impact on the environment.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a type of landscape design that makes use of native, drought-tolerant plants, decorative gravel, boulders, and other Southwestern elements to create an outdoor space that subsists on low water usage. While it may seem like gravel, boulders, and native plants would create a drab, gray, uninviting landscape, the opposite is actually true: Drought-tolerant plants and decorative gravel come in a variety of bright and bold colors that can add drama and beauty to your landscape!

Qualify for a Xeric Rebate!

Our landscape contractors at Narrow Leaf, Inc., can help you save money by advising you on which plants, shrubs, and trees qualify for the City of Albuquerque’s xeric rebate. Our licensed and insured professionals will create a xeriscape design for you that meets all of the City’s specific requirements to ensure that you get the energy savings you deserve!

Contact Our Landscape Professionals

Our professional landscapers at Narrow Leaf, Inc., will provide you with beautiful landscape designs that celebrate the rich colors and textures of the Southwest. Contact us for landscape designs incorporating drought-tolerant plants and shrubs! Let us help you qualify for an energy saving rebate today!

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