Albuquerque Curved Wood Handrails

Around here we like the look and feel of rustic outdoor building products like big timbers, cedar decking, log handrails, vigas and carvings, well, you get the idea.100 2984 Albuquerque Curved Wood Handrails

To add an extra flair to this style we also build unique steam bent wood handrails out of either square stock or 3” round rails. Curved deck handrails in Albuquerque is one of our fun but challenging projects. Imagine a curved deck that also has a matching curved wood handrail to complement it.

There’s some tricks to accomplish this, but once you get wood hot enough, it starts to bend when high pressure is applied. Special jigs are used as forms to bend the hot handrail which has been steamed for hours. Upon cooling, they will hold this curved shape permanently. If you have a deck that has curved boarders in Albuquerque, curved deck handrails would really set your deck apart. 100 2989 Albuquerque Curved Wood HandrailsThis type of handrail flows nicely, provides a more custom look and are a conversation piece. They will certainly add to the rustic charm we gravitate towards. Sweeping deck steps curving as they rise, a curved “bump out” on an other wise straight deck or a round hot tub enclosure. Curving handrail sections between deck posts adds depth and interest too.

If you’d like to learn more about Albuquerque curved wood handrails then give us a shout and we’ll take a look at your project.