Albuquerque Shade Structures

Well it’s spring in Albuquerque and hot summer days are just around the corner. If you’re like me, summer sounds like a welcome change of pace and weather. But it’s also our peak season for building shade structures that provide refuge from Albuquerque’s intense heat. We are ramping up our crews to meet demand as this division is growing. Whether you call these shade structures a pergola, ramada, gazebo, armada or shade cover, we are all in need of the same relief from the relenting sun.

This spring we are offering more wood species selection and design styles. We are adding rough cut Douglas Fir timbers to give more pricing options for our customers that recognize the 86799956 Albuquerque Shade Structuresbenefits of this quality wood. Although premium surfaced Douglas Fir timbers are among the best choice for shade structures in Albuquerque, it has also become quite expensive to obtain. Locally milled Douglas Fir has very similar quality, strength, appearance and fastener holding properties. It is also more cost effective due to the shorter shipping expenses. Since it’s rough cut and shipped right from the mill, the expense of surface planning and partially drying the wood is eliminated. The long trip from the upper Northwest or even Canada is also eliminated from the cost. At less than half the price of surfaced Douglas Fir, rough cut Douglas Fir is a sound choice.

We’re also adding a new line of cost effective shade structures in Albuquerque for the client that prefers a simpler product and design but still retains the quality and function of more expensive designs. This is accomplished by installing fewer timbers, alternate spacing and lighter roof loads. Less weight means smaller timbers are sufficient too, adding to your savings.

86801481 Albuquerque Shade StructuresWe are introducing angled roof members for homes with the proper orientation to the sun. Roof “slats” set on an angle allow low angle winter sunshine through the shade structure to warm you and your home or patio. As the sun rises in the summer to a steeper angle, the angled roof members block out the sun providing you with welcome shade. You get the best of both worlds with this design. The images in this article show angled roof slats. They were taken in the summer and full shade is cast on the patio.

In the winter the patio is in the sun.

If you’re in need of a shady place to entertain and enjoy your time outdoors, give us a call and let our design team build you a special Albuquerque shade structure.