Benefits of a BBQ island

We all enjoy a nice BBQ meal with friends and family on a restful summer day. The grill being used, the counter space and storage all add to the ambiance of the experience. Music and electricity close by truly make it an entertaining experience with friends and family. A BBQ grill from a home store can do the job but a full outdoor kitchen will provide a whole new level of enjoyment and atmosphere. A BBQ island is an outdoor counter and shelves incorporating a very nice stainless steel grill that is fueled with propane or natural gas. The BBQ island is integrated into the landscape and home making it a part of the home, an extension of the kitchen outdoors.

A fully equipped island may have water and a sink, a mini fridge, freezer, pizza oven, rotisserie, electricity or speakers for music. Storage inside the island is great for protecting items from the weather and keeping them out of sight.

shade structure overhead will take the direct sun and low voltage lights in the ceiling will keep the party going after sunset. Flagstone, granite or tile are the choices for the counter tops, and stucco or veneer can showcase the sidewalls. Barstool seating along the island shelf is a favorite while you hang out close to the chef… and the food.

There are several construction methods employed to create these beautiful outdoor kitchens. Many shapes and designs can be incorporated too, such as straight, round, half moon, “L” shaped, curved, free standing, attached to the house etc… The most common building material is cinder block construction throughout. It is strong, affordable, durable and has no real disadvantages except that it’s heavy requiring footers or a concrete slab as a foundation.

Wood BBQ islands are less common but do not have the weight issues and can be built on a wood deck or upper level patio where weight could be an issue. These islands can be covered with sheet goods or composites or have stucco and veneer applied. Inner storage shelves are easier to build with this material. It’s main drawback could be moisture and termite damage.

Factory made fiberglass and concrete modular units are available that just need to be bolted together and stucco applied and you’re ready to go. They’re mix of strength, weight, design and ease of assembly make them attractive. The downside is that they are quite expensive.

If you have thought about upgrading your grill for a nice outdoor kitchen and BBQ island in Albuquerque let us take a look at your project and design a beautiful space for you to enjoy with friends and family. Call Narrow Leaf, Inc. at 505-897-1172 today for professional landscape design that will improve your outdoor living space!