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Custom Cabinet Creation in New Mexico

Are your cabinets badly in need of an update? If so, Narrow Leaf Woodworks is here to help you design the custom cabinets of your dreams. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step, while also explaining your options in detail so you can make an informed decision. Here we explain the three primary components of custom cabinet creation.


Cabinets are not merely a practical fixture in your home. They also have an impact on aesthetic appeal. There’s a variety of cabinet designs to suit different styles and home décor. If you’re looking for a traditional cabinet style, raised panel doors are a great option. These doors feature an elevated center panel with contoured edging surrounding it. With recessed doors, the center panel is sunken and offset by higher outer edges that create a contemporary look. There are also slab doors, which are completely uniform. If you have a cabinet idea that’s a bit off the beaten path, let us know and we’ll do our best to execute it.


Wood selection is another important consideration when building your custom cabinets, as the type of wood you choose will also influence the look and style of your kitchen. Oak is a popular choice thanks to its unique grain pattern, which shows quite a bit of variety. On the other hand, maple offers more uniform graining paired with a creamy white color, which is perfect for a light-colored kitchen. We can also stain the cabinet a range of colors, from deep mahoganies to natural stains that allow the finish of the wood to shine through. 


When it comes to building the cabinet, there are more options than one might think. While many cabinet builders prefer glues and fasteners to hold cabinets together, we take it a step farther by incorporating tried and true methods of joinery. With mortise and tenon joints, one piece will feature the post while the other has an identically shaped cutout. The post is then placed snugly into the cutout, like a puzzle piece. We use a variety of joint configurations when creating cabinets, which ensures they are stronger and more durable.

If you have a design vision you’d like to discuss for your Albuquerque home, we’re happy to help you see it to fruition. Call 505-897-1172 for more information on how you can receive a free estimate and consultation. You can also visit the website to see some of our other amazing woodcrafts, such as rustic outdoor furniture.