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How We Build Gates

Here at Narrow Leaf Woodworks, we put our heart and soul into every custom wood gate we create. Our process emphasizes quality construction and materials, which ensures our Albuquerque customers absolutely love their finished gates.

The Anatomy of a Wood Gate

Wood gates are composed of several pieces. Stiles are vertical sections, while rails are the horizontal pieces that connect to the stiles. These come together to make the frame of the gate, into which panels are affixed. Panels guarantee your wood gate offers ample privacy for your backyard or garden.

Other features, like gate jambs and stops, keep your gate intact and operational for as long as possible. Jambs and stops only allow the gate to open a certain amount, which prevents over-rotation. That means your hinges will experience less stress over time. We also choose our hinges carefully, with strap hinges, which are made up of two long straps that form a triangular shape, being the preferred option since they have greater reach.

The Importance of Quality Joinery

Joinery is another important component of gate construction. Joinery simply means the way the different components of the wood are fitted together. Most woodworking companies use adhesives, screws, or fasteners. This can be problematic, as these types of joinery wear down over time and cause the gate to become wonky.

Our joints are created so that components of your wood gate fit together seamlessly. Half-lap and mortise and tenon joints involve meticulously cutting pieces of wood so they fit together snugly. We shore up the joint with water-proof adhesives and hidden fasteners, which act as an added layer of protection. Instead of the weight of the wood pulling down on the fasteners, it will be supported by the sturdy joint construction.

Why Customization Makes for a Better Fit

A pre-built gate might seem convenient, but it can be a huge hassle when it comes to installation. In this case, the pre-made gate will need to be cut to fit the dimensions of wherever it’s being installed. Conversely, all our gates are custom designed from start to finish to fit the exact dimensions of the installation area.

We also consult with you to ensure the gate meets your exact design ideas. We go out of our way to make your design dreams a reality, from wood construction to the type of hardware you’d like to see on the finished product.