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How We Build Gates: Part 2

The tops of our custom wood gates in Albuquerque can have flat tops or profiles such as an arch. There are several variations on this design as well as the radius of the arch. We build them to fit your opening and existing archway. The design possibilities are endless and we work with you to build your vision and style. High quality gates come with gate jambs and “stops” for optimum installation and to prevent over rotation of the gate hinges. This is an important feature. The backs of the jambs can also have a radius cut to fit on round pillars to ensure a solid installation.

We specialize in rustic wooden gates in the Albuquerque area and the hardware is a big part of that charm. The hardware possibilities have many options. We recommend strap hinges  instead of butt hinges since strap hinges are long enough to reach past the stile and screw to the rail as well. This significantly reduces the stresses on the joint making the gates last longer. Narrow Leaf Inc, repairs older damaged gates that others have built. Almost all these gates in need of repair were hung with butt hinges screwed into the edges of the gate. Strap hinges secure to the face of the gate thus minimizing the joint stresses. Handles and latches are varied and are discussed on site to suite your needs. We have access to almost any gate hardware you may desire or need.

Each of our solid wood gates in Albuquerque are indeed custom built and fitted for your application. We do not pre build gates and then cut them down to size to fit your opening like many do. Your gate will be made to fit your opening only and will fit exactly. We’d love to consult with you about your new gate needs and build you a masterpiece that you’ll be proud of. We can build what you can imagine. Providing us a picture of what you’d like is a head start with the design process and we can adjust things from there. Give us a call today