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Timber Sun & Screen Rooms

100 1003 150x150 Timber Sun & Screen RoomsIf you are looking to build a sun room, patio room or screen room, look no further. Narrow Leaf, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico has you covered. We customize heavy shade structures to the specifications you prefer. Every structure is unique. That is why we customize heavy shade structures to the rustic or southwestern style you prefer.

Timber Patio Rooms

100 1001 150x150 Timber Sun & Screen RoomsNarrow Leaf, Inc.
builds your customized patio room out of timbers or construction-grade material. We use the best quality Douglas fir timbers to provide a better look, an old-world feel and overall heft. Douglas fir timber provides a stronger foundation than other timbers. Using Douglas fir timber, we can add a heavier, rustic ambience to any room or achieve a high end-polished look. Some of our projects though, due to weight restraints, require construction-grade lumber. Everything we create at Narrow Leaf, Inc. can be custom-built to fit your application.


We make every structure and room we build unique, guaranteeing you have a one-of-a-kind sun room or screen room. The heavy timber used in our patio projects helps us create a rustic old-world style, and our craftsmen take care of every detail with an artist’s eye.
100 1002 150x150 Timber Sun & Screen RoomsWe also can incorporate mortise and tenon joinery. This type of joint is very strong, supporting structures for hundreds of years and considered to be the traditional method of joining frame and timber members. When your project is complete, all you will be able to see is beautiful wood without seeing fasteners or hardware. If a project does require hardware, it is always aesthetically pleasing.

Narrow Leaf, Inc. can install a sun room or screen room over an existing patio or build a new patio or deck right into the structure so you have a brand new floor. Our craftsmen build pitched-roof or flat roof designs depending on your home’s structure. A flat roof is usually installed when there is not much height to the existing structure. With a pitched roof, the timbers can be installed in very unique ways that adds considerable visual interest. We also can run electrical for ceiling fans and lights.

Contact Our Experienced Craftsmen

Narrow Leaf, Inc. has a team of experienced, fully-licensed and insured craftsmen that specialize in customizing timber patios, wood gates, shade structures, decks and more. Every project is unique and custom-built to fit your application. Contact us today and make your vision a reality.

Call Narrow Leaf, Inc. at 505-897-1172 for a timber patio room, sun room or screen room today!

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