Custom Wood Treatments & Finishes

At Narrow Leaf Inc., our goal is to leave all our customers highly satisfied and happy with our services. Which is why we work to fully understand the vision for the project to include the color and/or stain and the type of finish (satin, high gloss, a mix of both) that best suited.

Wood Styles & Finishes

Once you have selected a wood style for your project (such as maple, oak, birch, aspen, cedar, etc.), we will then review your options when it comes to wood treatments and finishes. Choosing the right finish for a gate or furniture project can make all the difference when making an impression or implementing a preferred style you have in mind. We also use our experiences gained from working with the different woods and finishes to provide information concerning the upkeep and expected longevity of the item.

Some of the types of wood finish treatment services we offer include:

  • Classic Wood Staining
  • Dye Stains
  • Oil based finishes/stains
  • Chalk/Dye Paint
  • Gel Stains
  • Water-Based Milk Paints
  • Pearl Effect Paint Solutions
  • Polyurethane
  • Varnish
  • And many more

The type of wood treatment depends on the type of project and what is necessary to protect the quality and durability of the wood.

You can see by viewing our gallery examples of some of the different types of woods, stains and color combinations we have used.  Contact Narrow Leaf Inc. today to schedule an on-site consultation for your home improvement project.

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Crafting Custom Wood Gates and Furniture


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