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Q: How Do I Obtain A City Water Rebate?

A: The City Water Rebate Plan is very beneficial to the homeowner who wants to xeriscape existing turf grass areas. The city offers a credit to your water bill if the proper requirements are met. The following city web sites explain, in detail, what the procedure is to obtain this rebate. These links will get you started in the process of learning what is required from the city and expound other benefits of the program.

The city’s goal is to reduce the acreage of heavily irrigated Kentucky Bluegrass turf to ease demand for water in the summer months on the water system and aquifer. It also saves you the homeowner from high water bills, overuse charges and fines. If bluegrass is upgraded to a xeriscaped yard the need for water, mowing, fertilizing, weeding and insect control is greatly reduced. You won’t need that mower, trimmer and blower anymore or the gas/oil, equipment maintenance or a monthly yard mowing service. The city does not desire to see yards covered in hot gravel so to obtain the rebate there is a need to replace turf with shrubs and trees. These plants beautify and cool the environment.
The turf in question must be irrigated, healthy and in good condition. They will not allow dirt or badly declining turf that was once nice grass to qualify since there are no water savings available. The water has long since been shut off.

NARROW LEAF INC. professionally xeriscapes yards every day and we know the requirements and do much of the footwork to obtain the rebate with you. We will design and draw up a plan that fulfills city requirements and schedule the initial meetings and the final inspection.
The homeowner does not need to be present for any of this procedure. The rebate you receive will be based on the square footage of turf removed. Let us know if we can be of further assistance to you in this matter.Call Narrow Leaf, Inc. at 505-897-1172 today for professional landscape design that will improve your outdoor living space!