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Custom Epoxy Table makers in albuquerque
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Custom Epoxy River Tables

Custom furniture is always a great way to show your unique style, and epoxy resin tables are a beautiful and modern option. If you're interested in having a custom table made, contact us today! We'll be happy to discuss your options and help you create the perfect piece of furniture for your home or business or any space in between!

Are you ready to get some crafted custom furniture that really stands out as a one-of-a-kind focal point in your room?  Then look no further than Narrow Leaf Woodworks for that made from scratch, unique, handmade art.  One of our favorite furniture-making projects is making a custom epoxy table.  Specifically, River Tables.

River Tables

Custom Epoxy Table Made in Albuquerque

An epoxy river table is a special kind of epoxy resin table that consists of one or several pieces of natural-edged wood and epoxy carefully crafted together. It's created by pouring a ‘river’ of epoxy into a mold. The epoxy runs between two pieces of wood or around a single or several pieces of wood. The shape can be rectangle or square, round, oval, or any shape. 

The epoxy can be clear or tinted, and you can cast small objects in place in the epoxy, such as rocks and shells, pine cones, and leaves for added interest.

The beauty of this table is in its natural wood grain, rustic edges, and defects. The cracks, knots holes, or missing pieces make up a unique design that can't be found anywhere else! These slabs are not large enough to form the standard top for your average tables but with epoxy filling all the voids it creates a large surface size across any shape you put together from the highest quality materials. 

We can make a dining table, coffee table, bench, kitchen table, conference table, or just about any table you'd like!

How We Make Epoxy River Tables

A mold is built usually with melamine, the pieces of wood placed as desired and epoxy poured around the wood filling up the form. Once the epoxy cures it machines just like wood and conventional woodworking tools/machines are used to bring it to its final finish.

Epoxy can be tinted with various pigments such as mica powders, dyes, liquid pigments, and inks. Diamond, frost,  pearl, glitter, and multi colors blended together to provide endless color, texture, and patterns to epoxy.

The base/legs can be conventional lumber with legs and aprons/stretchers. They can be logs or stumps, branches or combinations of all the above. By far the most common are steel legs of many different designs. Aluminum and stainless steel are also used. The base possibilities are endless. The base is also a structural element to the piece to prevent the tabletop from warping or cup and twisting.

The finish can be one of many oil types of finish, an oil wax combo or lacquered or polyurethane, or a thin coat of epoxy.   We’ll work with you to find the finish that’s right for you!

Types of Epoxy River Tables

Dining Tables
Coffee Tables
Kitchen tables
Conference tables
Kitchen island
Live edge desks

Custom Epoxy River Table - End Table
Custom Epoxy River table - coffee table

Contact Narrow Leaf Woodworks in Albuquerque Today To Start Your
Custom Epoxy River Tables!

We're your local woodworkers, providing amazing world-class art for our clients to provide an extra wow factor to any space.  Whether that be a home, office suite, or business storefront, you name it!  We can't wait to make a custom table that's right for you!

Call Narrow Leaf, Inc. At 505-897-1172 For Beautiful Custom Epoxy Tables Today!

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