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Custom Wood Gate Albuquerque
Narrow Leaf Woodworks logo - Custom Wood Gates design in Albuquerque, NM
Woodworks Albuquerque

Custom Wood Gates In New Mexico

Solid wood gates can be made custom made to reflect any style, whether you want to emphasize a home’s Southwestern appearance or want to try something new, we can make it happen. We specialize in designing and installing custom wood gates at Narrow Leaf, Inc. If you are looking to make a great first impression with the exterior of your home or office, or to enhance the look of your courtyard or garden, adding a custom wood gate is key. The addition of a wooden custom gate will make freshen up the overall look of your property and will certainly be a conversation starter.

Custom Wood Gates Albuquerque

Custom Wood Gates In New Mexico

Having a unique wood gate to secure your home is affordable. Built with high-quality craftsmanship and joinery, our gates are designed to last through windy days and the cold winter temperatures. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of security options, affording you the opportunity to secure your yard in an attractive way.

Original, Attractive Wood Gates

Each of our custom wood gates is built to fit your exact needs and specifications. Design, installation, staining and painting—just like your landscape design, we’ll take your wood gate from concept to creation. Bring in a photo or design of a gate and we’ll design and build it for you. As professional woodworkers with a good knack for landscape design, we consider ourselves artists who bring our clients’ ideal outdoor space to life.

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With more than 20 years in the landscaping business, we know how to find the right look for our client’s outdoor space. If you would like to incorporate a custom wood gate onto your property, we will have what you're looking for. Our custom wood gates are affordable, durable and high-quality, so you won't be disappointed. Contact us today!

How We Build a Custom Wood Gate:

To build a custom wood gate, we use 1 3/4″ thick stock milled flat, straight and square before machining the furniture grade joinery. We use pegged mortise and tenon joints due to their stability and strength. Two 3/8″ oak dowels are installed in the completed joint. Water proof glue and good clamping pressure during assembly ensures a long lasting bond of the parts.

Tongue and groove “panels” prevent unsightly gaps as they “float” in grooves allowing the panels to expand and contract with seasonal changes. It also keeps the panels in alignment and reduces rattling. We cut a small radius on the gate to ease over the sharp edges making them feel comfortable in your hands.

Arch top designs, latilla windows, “rosettes”, carvings and shaped rails add to the design elements. Clavos look great on a gate as well as a “speak easy” opening covered with an iron grill.

Most of our gates come standard with gate jambs for proper installation. Entry gates, garden gates and driveway gates are our specialty.

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